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29 Jun '16

Sarah Von's Designs are Set to Walk the Runway

Posted by Haus Blogger

Owner/Designer Sarah Von does not just carefully select items from other designers to style and have her clients wear, she also designs clothing herself. As you may have read in our last blog post, Ms. Von has quite a talent and eye for what looks good on a woman's body. 

Sarah will be sharing some of these designs with those lucky enough to have purchased a ticket for our Haus Von Haute fashion show. Set to walk to the runway are three of her pieces that she has been working on for months. Two of these designs are fun and flirty designs that are great for daytime. They can be dressed up or dressed down, and can be changed up with the addition of different accessories.

The finale piece is Sarah's pride and joy. By fashion's standards, this look is considered plus size, but in Sarah's mind, it's just a beautiful evening gown. The gown will emphasize Sarah's favorite part of the female body - the back. It's elegant, sexy, sophisticated, and classic. Be a part of this event by purchasing your ticket at hausvonhautefashionshow.eventbrite.com or through our website.

$30 - General Admission, $45 - VIP incl. special gift

Don't miss these beautiful pieces and your chance to commission your own!

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