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13 May '16

Did You Know? Sarah Von is a Designer & Stylist!

Posted by Haus Blogger

Not only does HVH owner Sarah Von run a successful e-commerce fashion retail business, but she also designs women's clothing, accessories, and costumes.

Sarah has always had a passion for creativity and design and has been making her own Halloween costumes and dresses for years. She branched out a few years ago to start designing for women of Long Island, NY. This is first and foremost what Sarah loves to do. Having a personal connection to the client she is working with is the best feeling. Sarah enjoys putting a little bit of herself into her designs and sharing her soul with her clients. This is forever her passion in life.

Women's clothing and accessories can be commissioned from Sarah, and she is available for wardrobe assessments and styling. Some of her designs can be seen below. 

If anyone would like to commission a piece from Sarah (or those in tri-state NY area would like to get a wardrobe assessment or wardrobe styling), please e-mail info@hausvonhaute.com. 


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